Are you a Yogi?

I look on Pinterest and always see these amazing and awesome pictures of yoga poses. I want to do that! Now I am not a Yogi yet but I have been taking some yoga classes and slowly building myself up. Not only does Yoga make you more flexible but it has plenty of other benefits! Eventually I may be posting some pics of my own poses! 



Meatless Monday Recipe: Mexican Quinoa One Pot

I just recently tried this recipe and what can i say…I LOVED IT! It was soooo easy too! Throw everything in the pot and your done. Plus its super easy! I def can not take the credit though. 

Tipsy Summer Days

“I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand. Not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand.” Zac Brown Band 

I love this song, its just a great summer song! Also can pretty much sum up the summer for a majority of people, or how they imagine summer. I LOVE SUMMER! Everyone is outside, at the lake, with friends, bbqs, and with all of those things sometimes a few drinks…or a lot of drinks. It seems that in the summer, a little more drinking may go on. Those calories can add up! Too bad alcohol can’t make you skinnier haha. There are definitely some ways you can reduce your calorie intake though and here is how. If you are drinking mixed beverages, you can always choose better and healthier options. A great way to still put in nutrients is adding fruit, frozen or fresh. Here is a link to a ton of healthier drink choices. Remember to be safe and drink a glass of water per alcoholic drink you consume.


Sugar Sugar Sugar Addiction! OMG SUGAR!

I don’t know about you all, but I love sweets, I mean who doesn’t? Well except for my boyfriend, he is probably the only person I know who doesn’t like sweet treats. Candy, Ice cream, cookies, cakes…Oh My! I think that if I didn’t have any control, instead of just having one cookie, I could eat the whole package! The reason we sometimes feel like this or have a binge is because sugar can have a great effect on your brain. When you eat sugar, the brain releases endorphins making you want more and more sugar. The amount of sugar americans eat yearly is outrageous and has grown tremendously! This infographic gives you a little more insight into the effects sugar can have on your body. I believe that every once in awhile sweets are fine. 80/20 rule, but if your having sweets everyday, it will probably have a negative effect on your body and brain. 


How many miles is your produce traveling?

Depending on where you live, the grocery store is probably the most common place you go to to get your produce. They usually have the biggest variety, and may have great sale prices every week. Have you ever thought about where that produce is coming from or how far it has traveled? Produce is best right after it has been picked, as days go by the produce starts to lose its nutrients. The best place to get your produce is either from your own garden or a local farm. I live in Michigan so it can be really hard to get local produce in the winter months, so I do my best to buy as much local produce as I can in the summer. You just have to do the best with what you got! This chart helps you find what produce is in season, depending on what month your in. Produce in season means that it has the most nutrients and has probably been picked pretty recently. Hope this helps! 

How to add more greens into your diet

Unless you are on a completely raw diet, I think it is hard for everyone to get the right amount of green veggies into your diet. Especially when you have kids, most kids hate greens which can make any meal time difficult. I thought I would share a list of ways that helps me get my greens in. 

1. Smoothies- spinach has a mild flavor and if you add enough fruit, the smoothie will be a bright color. Kids will have no idea it has vegetables in it! P.S. You can also add kale or romaine, but be careful because kale can be pretty bitter. 

2. Adding Spinach or greens into your pasta sauces

3. Juicing greens with fruits

4. Making mac & cheese (pref homemade) with broccoli

5. Use in soups & dips

6. Put some steamed greens into your scrambled eggs or omelets 

7. Make burgers with leafy greens mixed into them (you could do this with any kind you prefer)



To Be, Or Not to Be: That is the Question

If your thinking of choosing a plant based or vegan diet this chart gives you tons of info. I know some people think that if you choose a vegan diet that you will not get enough protein, well you definitely can! Even if you are just trying to eat more fruits and veggies, and less animal products here are all the amazing benefits you will receive!







Can your body take care of itself?


Last week I woke up with a cold, I was stuffy, had a sore throat and a headache. After getting adjusted about 3 times a day, I started feeling better. And then I started thinking about how amazing the human body really is.

Say you went camping, and only had river water to drink. How would you kill the bacteria in it? If you had a fire and a pot, you would boil the water to kill all of the bacteria. Wouldn’t it be awesome if your body could do that as well? Guess what…IT DOES! I think with all the amazing things going on in the world right now, we forget how amazing our body can be. When we get a temperature it is not a bad thing, it is our bodies way of fighting off the bacteria that is making us sick! Of course if your temperature gets up to 105 then you need to get to a hospital and that can be very serious, but until that temp just let the fever run its course because it is helping you! With all the technology and inventions we have these days we forget that sometimes basic is better. Yes we need to feed our body nutritious foods and exercise, and when you do this your body can work at its best.